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Rick Won His First Fight In Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7- Negan Still Has His Part To Play


The Walking Dead- Season 7 Finale was a worth watching episode that was aired Sunday night! Season 7 felt like an endless slog! Season 7 was stuffed to the edge with fillers, several nagging issues and bad special effects, but the finale turned the stones and wrapped the season to be worthy. Rick won the battle in the finale!

Finale Of The Walking Dead Season 7

The finale opens with Sasha and Abraham that dragged to back-flash to the day when Rick had tried to bring Maggie to the Hilltop’s doctor. Sasha plants kiss on Abraham and requests not to accompany Rick!

The best thing of the finale was the shocking twist in the halfway when the Trash people turned on Rick’s group! When Rosita moves to set the bombs, the Trash People move their guns towards Rick’s group. After watching the episode, this could be clearly stated, Negan was trying to dribble Rick’s plan.

In the last episode in Alexandria, Dwight was hold in death grips of Daryl. Dwight was there for apologizing Daryl, for taking part in killing Denise with Negan. Dwight made it clear that he hadn’t targeted Denise however that ignited Daryl. But he patiently listens to Denise. Rick opts to accept Dwight’s help and Dwight consoles to take every risk that could be for slowing down Negan.

Rick Won His First Fight In Finale Of 'The Walking Dead' Season 7- Negan Still Has His Part To Play

On the other side, Negan defines his plans for Alexandria. Sasha is focused on the fact of no loss of lives but Negan doesn’t accept such opinion. Negan makes it clear that 3 persons would have to die definitely but Sasha persuaded Negan to kill only one person. Negan finally accepted the deal with Sasha.

The most memorable moment was on screen! Negan with Eugene and other Saviors had arrived Alexandria. Eugene presented his options before Rick but Rick inquires about Negan. Eugene presented himself as Negan. As Rick wouldn’t win over Negan, so the Junkyard community threw a better deal with Negan.

Negan asks Rick to put Sasha in a coffin and bring her up! Rick enquires to see Sasha who is still alive as per Negan. The surprise betrayal had worked, when Eugene had given a pill to Sasha that she had consumed. From the coffin, Walker Sasha comes out straight to Negan who was unsuspected. This had frightened Nagen, Negan and shooting from all sides commences. In this fire, Rosita and Rick is gun-shoot. Negan smartly lines up Carl and Rick and threatens to kill Carl. Rick remains least worried about the threat and asks Negan to commit the mistake after which Rick would give harder consequences to Negan. Negan is all set to sway Carl while the Tiget-Shiva tackles one of the men.

The Hilltop and The Kingdom arrived Alexandria to help fight against Negan. In this fight King Ezekiel turned to be the worse, killing people right and left. Rick won his first fight but lost numbers of his supporters.

Negan has still his part to play which expectedly would be revealed with ‘The Walking Dead Season 8’!