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Riverdale Season 1 Chapter Six Written Updates and Review


Riverdale is the most popular thriller series which is directed by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa and the story revolves around the murder of Jason. Series has engaged the viewers in such a way that they do not want to miss a single episode as new mysteries are revealed in every episode.

In Riverdale Season 1 Chapter Six we will see that Betty is trying to dig out the truth of Jason Blossom’s death. Jughead comes and Betty says that she has invited him for the breakfast. Betty’s mother asks why you are involved in the mystery of Jason Blossom’s death. Jughead asks the way for the bathroom. Betty says I will show you the way but her mother says that she will show him the way to the washroom. They both go and then Betty takes advantage of the situation and clicks the photographs of the diary of her mother. Archie gets ready for the audition and he starts singing.

He says I have tried hard to write the song but he gets bullied and then he leaves. Archie says that I want a partner and what if she will see with him for once. She says I cannot step out of Pussycats. Betty gets the number of an organization and they get to know that they have sent Polly to the group home where they learn discipline and gets well. Betty says Poor Polly and feels bad for her. Archie is stressed and thinks he never sing on the stage then Veronica comes and says she has talked to the director and he still has a slot. Archie says Thank you so much, Veronica, but I do not think that I can sing on that stage. Veronica says now you want a partner and then I will help you in that as I will sing along you.

Archie says wow, we did not know that you could sing. Veronica says indeed I can sing. Valerie sees them. Archie smiles and says yes. Pussycats practices. Valerie asks if she can sing with Archie. Veronica’s mother works with Archie’s father and they talks. He tells her that she can be his co-host. She asks him to come to her place for dinner. Veronica sees them making out and becomes shocked. Archie’s dad comes to his room and says we will be coming to the Variety show. He says I wanna say something and you should not make a big deal about this. Archie asks what happened.

He says I like Veronica’s mother. Archie says I am totally fine and what makes you happy that is good. Josie goes to her mother and says Valerie quit the band and she writes the song for us. Her mother says replace her. Josie says she is irreplaceable. Her mother says they are disposable and only you are permanent. They both fight.  She says that find someone who is less beautiful than you and do not let down me. Josie says I will not let you down mom.

Veronica comes home and her mother also comes. Veronica says I saw you kissing Fred and what happens when Dad comes out of the jail. She asks if she is going to leave him. Hermoine says that I am so sorry that you saw that and it just happened. Veronica starts crying. Next day Valerie goes to Archie and says that she can sing with him. Archie says that’s perfect. He goes with her. Veronica comes there and asks what is happening. He says that Valerie is going to sing with me. Veronica says I am so pissed that you do not have any sense as I talked for you and you ditched me at the last moment. Archie becomes shocked. Veronica says that your dad kissed my mom and now there is so much of confusion.

Archie says we can talk about this after sitting somewhere. Veronica gets angry and goes to the pussycats room. She says she wanna sing with them. Josie becomes so happy and keep her instead of Valerie. She takes up cat hairband and everybody sees them. Archie becomes shocked to see her and they walk out. Betty goes to that organization in order to see Polly. She goes in and suddenly sees Polly. They both hug. Then Betty notices that Polly is pregnant.

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Polly asks her to be happy for them. Betty says I am happy for you Polly. Polly asks where is Jason. Betty asks if she does not know what happened. Polly says maybe he is thinking that she has left him. Betty says Jason is no more. Polly says please do not say this as I do not want to listen to this. Polly starts crying and their mother comes. Pussycats practice and they ask what happened Veronica and why you are not practicing. Valerie and Archie practice on the day. Valerie becomes so sad about quitting the Pussycats. Archie says what happened. Betty’s mother becomes angry on her and she says that we will get to know if Polly gets a visitor. They takes Betty home and then Polly says why you did not tell me that Jason is dead. Jughead comes and Betty says we will come back and take you home.

Josie’s father was sitting with others and Josie tells that Valerie left the band and we kept Veronica and she is really good. Betty gets scolded by her mom and dad and asks what have you done and Polly is pregnant and you have killed Jason. His father becomes angry and her mother laughs. She says I wanted this to happen but this man cannot do this and he does not have stomach of that. Her mother says that Polly is depressed and in delusion and she made a story and thinks Jason would come and raise their children. Betty says I do not believe you. Fred gives the presentation and mayor says that Fred’s bid is worthy.

Archie gets upset and his father tells him not to fear as you are brave enough to chase your dreams. Veronica says she will not sign the papers she wants and if she do that then she will have to stop seeing Fred. Archie comes and says you are always a pussycat and you should go and work with them. Valerie says that what will happen next. Archie says that he came alone and he will go alone and he will sing alone. Valerie goes to the pussycats and she says I wanna join again. Josie says that you can always come up. Josie sings but her father goes up. Everyone claps for them. Archie goes next. Veronica says that she can give him company. He says I will do it alone.

Archie goes to sing and everyone applauds him. Valerie says that he sang very well and they both kiss. Veronica sees her mother with Fred and asks what are you doing here. Fred says that thank you Veronica for signing up that, she become upset as she gets to know her mother signed the papers. Betty and Jughead kiss and Betty remembers that Polly was saying about some car. They say we can look for a car and if it is there then Polly is saying right and she is alright. They go and seriously finds a car. There were drugs and Jason’s jacket. Jug says that this is a crime scene and this needs to be reported. Jug clicks the photograph and says we should go to the sheriff and tell him everything. They go to the school where Variety show was happening. Sheriff asks what happened. They say we have found a car of Jason and Polly was saying about that. The sheriff says let’s go and see what is happening. When they go to the crime scene then they get to the see the car is burning and they left in shock.

Betty goes to Polly and asks where is Polly but she sees Polly has gone somewhere. Jughead gets the dream that he sees Archie is saying that he is stabbing him in the back. Archie asks Jug to come and live with him. Veronica says that what was happening with Jug. She says that when I was in the trauma, he was there for him. Jug comes home and asks his dad to work for Fred and everything will be fine then. Betty thinks where can Polly go. Her mother makes an announcement to the media that Polly is pregnant with Jason’s child and why would she murder him. Polly was sitting in the terrace of their home and Betty gets her. Polly meets Betty and she says she does not want to give up her baby for the adoption. Betty says no I will not let it happen. Betty talks to her parents and gets to know that they also want that baby to get adopted.