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Rumors WWE Has A Huge WrestleMania Backup Plan For Triple H


Has wrestling ever fantasized you? We are always ready for a backup plan to be used in case of emergencies. Have you ever thought of a wrestling back-up plan?  What sort of a backup plan would it be? Interesting! Isn’t it?

Injuries are a free unwelcomed gift that comes with wrestling. It has become a part and parcel of wrestling. Unfortunately, the wrestlers have accepted them as a part of their life. And as we say bad things come unplanned and unexpectedly and so does injuries.

WrestleMania Backup Plan For Triple H

WWE RAW which is officially also known as Monday Night RAW is a professional wrestling TV show that is aired live on U.S.A network in United States.  Of lately, the Monday Night RAW episode was one with a spice. Triple H ended a prolonged quarrel with his opponent Seth Rollins after injuring his knee in one of the recent episodes.

Rumors WWE Has A Huge WrestleMania Backup Plan For Triple H

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However, the recovery from the injury is claimed to be positive and it is claimed that the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H at Wrestle mania would still happen as it has scheduled earlier. But, WWE seems to be prepared well in advance if that is not the case due to some unexpected problems that come up suddenly. And ALAS! WWE is ready with a backup plan.

Finn Balor would serve as a backup plan in that case. He was the one injured at last year’s Summer Slam due to which he had to give up on next Monday Night  RAW. WWE is planning to bring Balor back in action. Also, there have been rumors stating that Samoa Joe would be in a faceoff with Triple H in case Seth Rollins is unable to make a comeback. However, sources say that Balor is the most suitable option at present and choosing him would mean a win-win situation for everyone.