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Samsung’s new ad depicts its fear from iPhone X!

Samsung launched a new Ad in fear of its sales dip because of iPhone X launch.


Have you saw Samsung’s new Ad? If no, they do have a look and compare it with iPhone X ad showcased by Tim Cook during the launch event of Apple’s iPhone X. Samsung always tends to target its global rival Apple. Today Samsung launched its new advertisement which seems to be trolling iPhone over the storage issues and lack of water resistance in past models.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X
Image Credit- ValueWalk

So, let’s move a little back and find how Samsung took a dip in comparison with iPhones. Samsung showcased it’s Galaxy Note 3 from the year 2013 and its 2016’s Galaxy S7 in comparison with iPhone. Why Samsung did not showcase its plastic models from the year 2009, why Samsung didn’t add its Note 7 in the ad which was on high buzz due to its fiasco.

No doubt, that the add will go viral on the internet but everyone knows that Samsung is just afraid of Apple’s iPhone X and is now pretending to be the finest brand among the audience.

Samsung is thinking of a flip from iOS users to Android which seems to be impossible. Apple took this much reliability that its user never wants to take a shift from its operating system and gadgets. Apple devices are much more loyal than Samsung devices and the whole world knows it very well.

Samsung is just trying to showcase its Note 8 as an alternative over iPhone X but seems that the company will fail in this motive as Apple’s iPhone X advertisement which was shown in the launch event is much more amazing and enticing than Samsung’s latest video which is making fun Apple iPhones.

This all shows that Samsung is so scared of the iPhone X and knows that its sale will surely take a dip as the Apple’s fresh launch is full of features and can take over the market of its high-tech smartphones.