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Saudi Arabia Tensions: U.S President Decides to Deploy Troops In KSA

Saudi Arabia Tentions: U.S President Decides to Deploy Troops In KSA
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WASHINGTON —According to the latest news the U.S. President Donald Trump will be sending a small deployment of U.S. troops to the united Arab emirates and Saudi Arabia. The deployment has an air and missile system of defense. These arrangements have been done by the U.S president in response to the drone attacks on the Saudi oil facilities when the U.S administration is already blaming Iran for the attacks.

On Friday, an announcement from the White House was made after the meeting with superior national security personnel, that U.S will be sending a deployment of according to Saudi Arabia and united Arab emirates. In opinion of Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper this decision is “defensive in nature”. According to the news coming from the U.S. defense department officials Pentagon might send some more antimissile batteries to Saudi Arabia and might also send some more warplanes too. They say that the aircraft carrier ship known as Abraham Lincoln may also delay its journey back home for some time.

The chairman of U.S. joint chiefs of staff General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. shared the information that the exact number of troops is not decided but it will be a small deployment and the number of troops will be in hundreds and not in thousands.

According to the latest news Mr. Trump has been thinking about different options he could use to help Saudi Arabia he was thinking whether U.S should take some military action against Iran or does something else and at last he decided to send a small deployment of Army to Saudi Arabia to protect the oil facilities from further attacks. The attacks on Saudi Oil facilities have disturbed the global energy markets and the U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls the attacks “an act of war”. On Friday at the White House the US President Donald Trump bragged about his power to order a retaliatory attack on Iran, he further said that his patience should be taken as a pure sign of toughness and strength.

The White house Administration is still not denying the chances of military attacks on Iran that has already denied the US claims of its involvement in the Saudi oil fields attacks. The senior officials reported that for now the U.S. president has decided to maintain peace in the region and stay within the limits of defense not offense. When the press pressurized the officials about information about the military strike on Iran they said that they were not at that point right now.

One of the Senior U.S officials said that the number of Additional American sources that the president has decided to send to Saudi Arabia will remain in a few hundreds. Pentagon considers the decisions of the President is somewhat non aggressive and he has chosen a more peaceful option among plenty of options. Especially at the time when a large number of U.S. officials think that Iran is responsible for the attacks.

On Friday night, Mr. Esper said that the Pentagon has now agreed to the fact that these attacks did not originate from Yemen. He said that both UAE and Saudi Arabia have asked for American help and additional support this week.

The new deployment that America is sending for the security of oil fields will add to the 2,000 troops that USA has already deployed in the middle east to display its power after the series of Iranian incitements that include attacks on some oil tankers in the area of Persian Gulf and destroying the surveillance drone that belonged to USA. According to a rough estimate almost 500 troops have moved from there to Saudi Arabia.

Some days after the drone was downed by Iran in summer the U.S. president Donald Trump ordered a military attack on Iran but on 20th of June 2019 he called off the operation at the last moment. The Officials report that a secret cyber operation was done in place of a military attack.

On Friday, Mr. Donald Trump imposed some more sanctions against national bank of Iran, and the administration is still considering some more actions against Iran that include cyberattacks. At next United Nations General Assembly meeting Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo might pressurize for diplomatic efforts against Iran. There are a number of American Allies that hold the U.S administration answerable for escalating tension in the Persian Gulf after America’s withdrawal from a nuclear deal that it had done with Iran.

Talking about the sanctions the U.S. president Donald Trump said that including the new sanctions these are the highest sanctions that have ever been imposed on a country. On the other hand the analysts think that these new sanctions might not inflict considerable damage to the Iranian economy. Iranian economy is already suffering from the economic sanctions inflicted by U.S.A.

The U.S president Donald Trump voluntarily claimed that United States brags about the “totally renovated” forces that include “New Nuclear”. He said that the nuclear is at a level it has never reached before. On Wednesday the U.S president said that he had no intentions of nuclear attack on Iran, so no one could understand why he raised the same topic on Friday. The U.S president seemed to boast about and enjoy his power to launch a strike. While talking to the media in the Oval Office in presence of Australian Prime minister Donald Trump said that he could have ordered the strike right there in front of them and that was it.

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