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Seattle Crane Collapse: 3 Companies Fined for Negligence


On April 27, a crane collapsed in Settle’s south lake union area which killed four people. The four included two workers and two car owners. Crane was getting used at the construction site of the Google office building. Accident was caused due to the negligence of the crew not following the dismantling procedure of the structure. They remove almost all pins of the fabric that helped segments to hold together.

Image Credit: NBC News

With no pins attached the tower got weakened and overturned under the influence of gusty winds of around 50mph speed, concluded by the State Department of Labour and industry after a six-month investigation, results expressed on Thursday at a news conference in Tukwila.

Three companies involved in dismantling the crane are fined more than $107,000 for safety violations which caused the crane to collapse. A portion of the segment came to land and hit over the traffic below, which covered six vehicles.

Department Director Joel Sacks said, if the companies followed the instruction at the site, the crane would not have fallen. The most significant fine of $70,000 issued to Salem, Oregon-based Morrow Equipment Co., owner of the crane for not following the procedure by crane manufacturer and providing approval for removing all the pins, which caused the collapse of the crane.

Northwest Tower Crane Services, cited with three violations and fined $12,000, who provided crew for dismantling, the violations include not following manufacture procedure, and insufficient training to workers and not ensuring workers understood their role.

GLY constructions, who rented the crane for a project, was fined $25,200, cited with three violations, not following manufacture procedure, not providing the qualified supervisor and other persons on site, absence of supervision during dismantling and not considering weather conditions.

GLY President Ted Herb said on Thursday that they are fully cooperating authorities in investigations. They have made necessary changes in the system to ensure safety protocol after the accident, and they are committed to safety and protection at all their job sites. He didn’t comment on the fine.

Workers who died in accident identified as Andrew Yoder, 31 of Washington and Travis Corbet, 33 of Oregon. Two who killed in cars identified as Seattle Pacific University freshman Sarah Wong 19, and retired deputy director of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development, Alan Justad, 71.