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Seiren Season 2 Release Date |Story |Star Casts |New Character Arcs


Sieren is a romantic comedy made by Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi. The series was launched in Japan on January 5, 2017 on TBS and is simulcasted too in Canada,United State of America, New Zealand,  Australia and Latin America on Crunchy roll. Here we are discussing the possibility of season 2 of Seiren could be made and what the next season holds for fans.

Seiren 2 Spoilers

What’ll Happen in Seiren Season 2

The word ‘Seiren’ means honest in Japanese. The first season encircles Shoichi Kamita, a regular high school guy who is really worried about his upcoming exams and his uncertain future. In the meanwhile, Kamita gets in connection with three different girls, evolving the more complex and complicated issues which comes hand – in – hand with three different relationships. As per said according to my Anime list ‘each story is unique and sharing a mutual memory between him and heroine’. As the first is concentrated on the character acrc of three characters, ‘Toru Miyamae’, ‘Hikari Tsuneki’ and ‘Kyoko Tono’, whereas the second season is focusing on ‘Makoto Kamizaki’, ‘Miu Hiyama’, and ‘Ruise Sanjo’.


Seiren Season 2 Cast

The main cast is expected to return to hit the season.

  • Ayane Sakura: being the voice of Hikari Tsuneki
  • Atsushi Tamaru: being the voice of Shichi Kamitha
  • Juri Kimura: being the voice of Kyoko Tono
  • Shino Shimoji: being the voice of Toru Miyamae
  • Some of the characters which are likely to return to the season are: –
    • Honoka Kuroki: being the voice of Ruise Sanjo
    • Shiori Izawa: being the voice of Miu Hiyama
    • Shiori Mikama: being the voice of Makota Kamikazi

We are hoping that Shino Shimoji, Hanako Oku and Juri Kimora is going to return to appear for the theme song for the series. As of now, no official announcement has been made surrounding the Seiren Season 2. Stay tune for updates.