Shipping Company FedEx To Use Self-Driving Trucks, Robots And Alexa

Technology has always provided wonderful gifts to the mankind. With each advancement in the technology, mankind has witnessed growth in the economy. FedEx is one such advancement in the legacy of technology which is providing its usage in self-driving technology, artificial intelligence and robotics to improve the delivery services.

As proclaimed by the chief information officer of the company, Mr. Robert Carter, FedEx is aiming to make usage of driverless delivery trucks which will work within small neighborhoods. In order to do the requisite, they have joined hands with Peloton technology to use their electronically linked truck platoon system. He also hinted at the usage of fully automatic trucks. For the requisite, they have already started to work with dailmer and Volvo. While dailmer is having semi-autonomous trucks and Volvo has its self- construction trucks, the merger will surely be advanced. They believe it to be implemented within the next 10 years.

FedEx To Use Self-Driving Trucks, Robots And Alexa

Adding one more father to the cap of glory, FedEx has also developed an app which integrates  a very popular artificial intelligence called Alexa. With this apps in the handsets, the users are allowed to initiate shipments by using simple voice commands like, “Alexa, prepare a shipment.” This feature will enable customers to talk and ask the correct questions. Once Alexa sends the customers details, the shipment will be done by FedEx where the customer intends it to be done.

Shipping Company FedEx To Use Self-Driving Trucks, Robots And Alexa
Shipping Company FedEx To Use Self-Driving Trucks, Robots And Alexa

When it comes to delivery, drones are considered one of the greatest advancement in the technology. However drones cannot carry heavy and large packages and cannot fly more than 10 miles. Keeping this thing in mind, carter prefers to make the usage of energy efficient robot couriers as they can do what the drones lack to do.

When used together as a merger, te three technology can change the traditional ways of delivery and will make it a smooth process.



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