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Smartphone HTC U –ULTRA Review Specification Features Price Details


HTC witnessed a downfall in its market share during the last few years. The brand was unable to stand against Apple and Samsung in the U.S market, and the shares declined terribly. However, surprisingly the company has been able to regain its position and has relaunched itself with HTC U-ULTRA.

Although the new handset is neither water resistant nor does it offers a headphone jack, but it comes with some premium qualities such as a good hardware, extraordinary performance, and unique software. The handset is a perfect blend of technology and performance.

htc ultra review
htc ultra review

The handset runs on Android 7.0. The back of the phone is extremely extraordinary with an excellent color finishing that has been imbibed inside the glass itself. The metallic mirror finishing gives it a royal look. The front panel of the phone is black with curved edges. It has a 5.7-inch display screen with an extra 2inch that adds to its display on the top. A Gorilla Glass protects the screen.

The phone doesn’t come with a headphone jack rather has USB-C headphones which would charge you $12 extra if you wish to plug-in something. The user interface is the same as in the previous handsets. It has a 64 GB internal storage which adds to its fast performance. The company has used the same Boom sound lite system which is pleasing to the ears while listening to music. It is assumed to have a healthy battery life with a battery saver option which alarms you at 15%. The camera of the phones completely surprises you. It can be claimed that the phone would have the best camera that would help you click best shots during any time of the day.

Despite some flaws that the phone has; with the launch of this handset the company is planning to regain its flagship. The phone is available for $749 in the markets.