Social Networking Site Instagram Debuts Full Screen Ads In Stories

A first step is taken by Instagram to monetize stories which debuts full-screen skippable ads in it’s awesome new feature. Facebook-owned Instagram will test ads in stories for more than 30 companies globally on Saturday. The companies, such as L’Oreal, BuzzFeed, Nike, Coca-cola, General motors and Netflix are going to be the part in this first initiative. Instagram is also planning to extend the ability to all the advertisers. The planning of the Instagram will also going to include the introduction of new features, such as, tracking the performance of their stories.  Businesses with a business profile can reach the impressions, replies, and exits for each individual story within the business tool tab.

Instagram Debuts Full-Screen Ads In Stories

Instagram states that the analytics should help the brand to make content that is more relevant to the audience. As the stories are making a flow – the feature is now gaining 150 million daily users, up from 100 million daily user from the past three months. The monetizing tool has become increasingly important for facebook. Instagram’s advertising business could generate about $3.64 billion in advertising sale of the year, according to the emarketer forecasting.

Social Networking Site Instagram Debuts Full Screen Ads In Stories
Social Networking Site Instagram Debuts Full Screen Ads In Stories

The Ads in stories can consists of photos and video clips and Ads will be labeled as sponsored. As it always been expected the video to be a more important advertising fromat than photos. Instagram is providing the advantage of using the both formats as facebook. So far, businesses have used stories in a range of ways. For example: – J.Crew has used the format to promote a pre-sale for sunglasses and Lowe’s has introduced home improvement tutorials with this advertising tool. Quarles said, Instagram launches stories in August, acknowledging that its feature is modeled after the snapchat format has introduced.

‘what’s really the difference here is that our ability to combine a complex format in a simpler way with the most sophisticated mobile ads businesses according to the targetive audience prospective.



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