Social Networking Website Twitter Rolls Back New Anti-Abuse Tool

An equation is being represented by the financial loss of Twitter which starts with the leak of users and ends up in the wall street’s loss of confidence and a really dark scenario in the coming future. Some efforts has been made by Twitter to remove the problem of online harassment which results in the reduction of users. Twitter has introduced a new abuse tool for the platform, which was rolled out on Monday.

Twitter Rolls Back New Abuse Tool

Twitter´s CEO Jack Dorsey Announced The New Abuse Tool´s Removal.

The fix was apparently made and aimed to solve the harassment issue once and for all but the unique thing about it is that the user will not be notified that they are added in a certain list. When company wrote this thing clearly and said that it was for the safety purposes, take it or not, protests started taking place at the very same moment.  The tweet said that this is just blinding the vulnerable and suggested to take a proper action by allowing the users to remove themselves from the list or just do it upon blocking the owner. If this tool going to harm the Twitter image then the worst thing is still going to come.

Social Networking Website Twitter Rolls Back New Anti-Abuse Tool
Social Networking Website Twitter Rolls Back New Anti-Abuse Tool

Vice president of engineering at Twitter Ed Ho, confessed that the introduction the new abuse tool is representing a misstep by the company and could have reverse the thought process generated for the good of the platform. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, by making an important appearance in the situation, told that the platform was definitely debugging the reverting the feature.

There were some users that expressed their concerns to the new abuse tool while others showed a lot of anger towards the platform’s decision, and then there are many who ridiculed Twitter for considering the change.

In any case, the truth is that the platform is showing an inefficient concern in solving the problems that has caused the social media network to lose a lot of users and taking that advantage, the main competitors are getting bigger and bigger.



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