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SpaceX to deliver another project that will help the US air force


As we all know that SpaceX is the world’s number one private space organizations in the entire world. SpaceX has delivered a lot of mission in association with NASA and it up to deliver the next one. Next mission of SpaceX to space is scheduled on June 24. It is final that SpaceX has to deliver 24 satellites along with some equipment necessary for the mission such as a Deep Space Atomic Clock. The satellites that will be delivered in the space are known as STP-2 which are made in the association with USAF, Department of Defense (DoD) research labs, NASA, NOAA, and a few US universities.

Image Courtesy: sputniknews.com

The spacecraft which is being used to deliver the desired products to space is Falcon Heavy Block 5 rocket. This rocket is going to perform its second mission as the first mission of the rocket was on April 11 when it delivered the necessities in the space. To explain the details about the project that Falcon Heavy is going to deliver, SpaceX has come up with a separate website to explain everything about the STP-2 satellite which also includes the technicals and strategical details of the project. According to the website details, “The STP-2 mission will be among the most challenging launches in SpaceX history with four separate upper-stage engine burns, three separate deployment orbits, a final propulsive passivation maneuver and a total mission duration of over six hours. In addition, the U.S. Air Force plans to reuse side boosters from the Arabsat 6A Falcon Heavy launch, recovered after a return to launch site [RTLS] landing, making it the first reused Falcon Heavy ever flown for the U.S. Air Force. [STP-2] will demonstrate the capabilities of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch vehicle and provide critical data supporting certification for future National Security Space Launch (NSSL) missions. In addition, [the Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)] will use this mission as a pathfinder for the development of mission assurance policies and procedures related to the reuse of launch vehicle boosters.“