Starbucks unveils Virtual Assistant to Make Orders More Easier and Reliable

Starbucks one of the world famous and widely used Coffee store getting smart day by day! Earlier Starbucks app lets you order your favorite drink, and you can pick it up from your nearby Starbucks store. Earlier we used to type what we have to order from Starbucks, but now its changed. Now you can use voice commands to order anything from Starbucks app. Starbucks app is now associated with A.I. Technology which takes your order through voice commands.!

If you are a voice shy, then also you can use typing way to order your favorite drink from Starbucks app. In a latest Starbucks app, a new Artificial Intelligence technology is used, which lets customers make their orders with their voice commands. Apparently, the way how we get drinks is same. We put an order, we visit nearby Starbucks shop and pick up our order. The only difference is ordering our favorite drink in Starbucks app with voice commands.

Starbucks unveils Virtual Assistant to Make Orders More Easier and Reliable

It is revealed that with the help of chatting bots your orders will be taken. Your order will be taken and the process by chatting bots. When you order something with your voice command, then it will ask for confirmation when you confirm it, then it will redirect you to the payment page, followed by a pick-up location. It’s a smart move by Starbucks and well appreciated!

However, Starbucks app with voice commands still under beta. It is currently under in testing mode. As per the sources, it is confirmed that currently, Starbucks app with voice commands allowed for 1000 iOS smartphone users in the United States of America. If everything goes well, then this app will be made available for all people. Reports say this app will definitely get ready in this year itself. So no more texting while we are walking! We can directly order our favorite drink at Starbucks barista using voice commands. Cheers!

What do you think of this? Do you think, Starbucks Barista app really need Voice Command Technology to order Drinks? Let us know your opinions in below comments section!



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