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Steven Knight Confirms Taboo Season 2


Tom Hardy, the Hollywood actor has been renewed and going to be the starrer of the television series for a second season run. Numbing and dark, Taboo premiered earlier this year was centered around adventurers return to London after missing years. Taboo is a result of cumulative efforts of Tom Hardy, his father, Edward ‘Chips’ Hardy and Steven Knight (the man behind BBC’s Peaky blinders), as it based on a story written by Tom Hardy himself.

Taboo Season 2

Talking of the A.V. club present at the television critics press tour, according to the Telegraph Reports, Knight has confirmed a second season for the show. He had elaborated his vision for the following seasons to deadline, earlier this month. 

Steven Knight Confirms Taboo Season 2

He said ‘we have plans, well! I have plans and if we get given the green signal for more’. ‘As the plan suggests, then there will be three seasons and as with peaky blinders, the destination have made a clear way in my mind from the beginning as it always helps as writer’. ‘as per the destination view, James Keziah Delaney will be setting up a foot on Nootka Sound but that’s a long way off’.

Both Knight and Hardy gave inside scoop on how that was made, at the TCA panel. The 39 years old actor with his father imagined James Keziah Delaney an amalgamation of a killer and two literary characters, Sikes from Oliver Twist, Marlow from heart of Darkness and Jack the Ripper.

It has also been revealed by Hardy that at the time he pitch the idea for the show to Knight, he was busy but eventually ‘a new piece of work was trying to be developed by three of us’.

Interestingly, Knight tells the story as much about London as it is about America. In a crowd of gathered Journalists, the show runner said:

‘among all of the things, the story about America. Their decided destination at the present scenario of America, This is about how Americans came about and the thing that this series will come to explore’.


  1. Taboo the best Drama ever, James Delaney is Tom Hardy one thinks its as though its just happened not acted, I’m addicted watch it every day, so many exspiriences like Delaney ,the casting locations wardrobe make up is superb can’t wait till series two. Please keep it going Taboo is Magic x