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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 7: Rather the Fallen Angel


In the last episode of Supergirl, we saw how Supergirl saves an innocent alien couple with Manchester Black from the children of Liberty and stops them from destroying other alien houses as The Agent Liberty sends up his army on the occasion of Thanksgiving. James Olsen and Lina Luther part their ways and James Olsen gets himself in trouble as the Children of Liberty kidnaps him.

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Now, in the upcoming episode, it’s going be a chaos as Supergirl and her team is going to save James Olsen from the cruel hands of the Agent liberty.

In this episode it’s all about how Supergirl saves her dearest friend ‘the Guardian’ from the hands of the Agent Liberty, sacrificing herself.

The episode starts where Lena Luthor at L-Corp is in the process of starting human trials, as she struggles, letting her emotions get the better of her. On the other hand, Supergirl teams up with Manchester Black to hunt down the Children of Liberty. Supergirl experience some difficulty with the new partner but eventually he agrees on her strategy.

Lena begins her trials with ‘patient 0331’ who is a total sexist. As Lena has introduced herself as Dr. Kieran, the patient was totally surprised to learn that he’s the only subject in ‘Dr. k’s’ trials. According to Lena, he was chosen because he doesn’t want to be a hero and Dr. Kieran sees a lot of herself in him.

When Supergirl returns to DEO, she finds out that Ben Lockwood has his own show now, which he’s using to blame Supergirl for any violence in National City. J’oon calls Supergirl (I don’t know where she keeps her I-phone in that suit though) and lets her know that Manchester knows where the cargo shipment will arrive.

Unluckily it turns out to be Shelly’s Island, Supergirl show equivalent to Ellis Island, competing with the iconic monument that Agent Liberty wants James to destroy as a demonstration of his loyalty.

Kara finds out that Manchester has been using violence to find his answer and has plenty of evidence to prove him guilty but J’oon convinces her to give him a chance. On the other hand, brainy finds out a nuclear explosion expected to be dropping on the National City.

Lena starts with the experiment and she explains that if this works then she could cure anything and the experiment would probably give the patient 0331 powers which worry the subject that he’s not the right person for the job as he considers himself a selfish and little nitwit, but Lena stands on her words regardless.

Manchester tricks Supergirl by suggesting to sneak in quietly, by not informing DEO about the lead on Agent of Liberty. And when they reach the Shelly island Supergirl gets trapped in the power dampening rods. In exchange for Supergirl, Manchester gets a chance to finally meet Agent Liberty. The vigilantes take Supergirl into the monument that James was about to explode.

Agent liberty wants to inflict fear and destroy hopes in people heart. He gets in front of the camera and states that the earth only belongs to humans. He gets ready to set the bomb off. The poor Supergirl climbed up a wall and was banging on the window behind him for her life while James just punched a few buttons.

In the end, Manchester meets the Agent Liberty knock-off and promptly realizes that he isn’t the genuine instigator. He shoots everybody and surges out to encourage Supergirl, who can utilize her warmth vision to stand out enough to be noticed just before he explodes the bomb.

In any case, he’s completely futile in the battle and it’s Manchester who shoots all the power hosing loops and sets Supergirl free so she can fly the bomb into the air. Truth be told, Guardian would’ve kicked the bucket if not for Tom.

Extremely, simply fire that person, if you don’t mind He either denies the Children of Liberty and ventures down from CatCo. for his misguided thinking or he repudiates the Children of Liberty and ventures down from CatCo. for his misguided thinking.

A while later, J’onn faces Manchester for selling out Supergirl and going too far. Manchester concedes that he’s as of now dead inside and utilizes a gadget to push his agony onto J’onn. J’onn can see exactly what number of horrendous things Manchester has effectively done and comes back to Kara’s home devastated and in tears.

In the wake of developing nearer to Adam and sharing how her mom kicked the bucket, Lena chooses not to finish the preliminaries. Adam persuades her generally and says it’s their chance to help many individuals. She infuses him with Harun-el, and for a short period, only barely three minutes, Adam displays superhuman forces. Lamentably, he kicks the bucket a while later, however, Lena learns important data to encourage her to proceed.

James visits her to attempt and apologize, yet she closes him down and says she has excessively work to do.