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Superhero Series Black Lightning’s Star Casts Bags Two More Key Roles


Black Lightning is a very popular fictional comic character who is portrayed as a superhero in the American comic book, which is the leading comic book of the publishing house of DC Comics. The character is played by Olympics gold medal winner decathlete, Jefferson Pierce, who is the first major African American superhero to be a part of the DC comics. The series is created by director Isabella, with artist Trevor Von Eedon. The character is described as not being the owner of any supernatural power, but just uses a belt that generates electric bolts which users a lot of interest and zeal in the readers of the same, and thus, has eventually became popular among the masses.

Black Lightning’s Star Casts Bags Two More Key Roles

The comic story is now in the process of hitting the televisions as an upcoming T.V show, to be launched soon, in 2017. The show will be directed and produced by Mara Akil and Salim Akil.


Cress Williams will play the role of Jefferson Pierce, and Nafessia Williams and Anne McClain have been cast as his passionate and independent daughters. Though, it is not yet clear that whether his daughters will too appear as superheroes, as it is shown in the comics.

Black Lightning T.VSeries will be launched as per the script given by Akils, where the story of the renowned comic book has originally been given by Isabella and Eedon. The story is about how Jefferson, who has hidden his identity years ago and is now hung with the case, comes back to the fight as the hero of the series. The same gets possible because of his daughters’strong inclination towards justice and popularity as the star of the local gang. The Black Lightning is an awaited series, for which the viewers are eagerly waiting to be aired on their T.V sets.