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TAURIDS 2019: Beautiful Meteor Shower Tonight


TAURIDS 2019, peaks tonight and promises to Illuminate sky with shooting stars (this is an annual Meteors Shower which occurs in October). Sky-watchers are very excited this week, as pair of meteors shower will peak. In October Draconids peak Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, and Southern Taurids peak Wednesday night into Thursday morning. It’s expected to see 10 meteors an hour for each shower and would be visible like a bright “fireball” meteors.

“The Draconids meteor shower kicks off the fall meteor shower season,” said Dave Samuhel, AccuWeather astronomy blogger and meteorologist.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich in London said: “The Taurids are a slow and long-lasting meteor shower, occurring every year from late October and through November.

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“Even at their peak, the Taurids are not particularly frequent, but they do provide a sprinkling throughout the two months”. This year’s meteors shower would be active from Thursday night October 10, to Friday, October 11. Moon will brighten 90 percent. Southern Taurids are active every year from September 10 to November 20.

Maritime astronomer Bruce McClure off EarthSky.org said: “This shower favor’s the Northern Hemisphere, but no matter where you live worldwide, the best viewing hours are usually in the wee hours just after midnight.

“This year, as the shower peaks in 2019, Moon will be up high and shining mightily around the midnight hour, bleaching out these meteors.

“Yet a high percentage of Taurid meteors tend to be fireballs, so let’s hope a few Taurid fireballs can overcome the moonlight.”

Electricity is doomed!!

“We should have clear skies and less light pollution with the power outages,” local National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Burling told the Outpost. “Should be visible.”

The Royal Observatory said: “Meteor showers are best seen with a good, clear view of the stars on a night with no clouds.

“Try to find somewhere with dark skies, an unobstructed horizon, and very little light pollution.

“The Taurids are not particularly dramatic – use this as a chance to familiarise yourself with the night sky.

“Perhaps you’ll catch a lucky shooting star while you’re out there.”