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The Amazing Podcasts On Spotify


Podcasts: Streamlined, personalized entertainment. It has never been so easy for unconventional celebrities, artists to attract or to reach the audiences directly.

In old past days, radio station only broadcast shows, long-form interview, and dramas. Then its time for Television, which murdered radio: over time it causes the ability loss to “see” with our ears. But now, 10 years later, everything has come to a point in the end. Now over 68 million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, according to a research done by Concordia University St. Paul.

Possibly oral media will always have a fix and dedicated niche. As most of the people around the world, can not watch videos during their work and you can not see videos while driving a car. But if your work is done by your hands or if you travel a lot, you can listen to the peaceful music over headphone or car speakers, it can easily pass your time.

If you are just accepting into this medium, or you are looking for something new, we have already gathered a list of some amazing podcasts Spotify has to offer. As our main focus is to include a little bit of everything you generally wanted: Some Natural Science, some Politics, some true crime etc. No matter what you like the most, there is Pod for everything you want out.

Here is the Best Spotify Podcast, Listed Below:

For Daily News–Today Explained

If you are working long hours or attending classes the whole day, and you have left with very little time to read the news. Each Monday to Friday, Rameshwaram Sean takes a hot-button topic and makes it clear and easy. In 20 minutes of Pod, you will have full information about the topic and it elevates your small talk and refine your political discussions.