The Circle (2017) Star Cast Emma Watson Shows The Downside Of Transparent Lives

The upcoming sci-fi thriller will be starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson is a story revolving around a young woman. Mae Holland being hired to a high-tech company which gets involved with a disillusioned programmer and Bailey whose obsession with transparency will prove to have some serious downsides. Karen Gillan, Patt Oswalt, Bill Paxton and John Boyega are going to be the circle stars of the movie.

The movie is based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Dave Eggers and is written and directed by James Ponsoldt. Ponsoldt has always been the huge admirer of Eggers. The work of staggering Genius came out since his groundbreaking novel was released back in 2000. He couldn’t miss any chance of loosing a story written by eggers ‘novel’. Ponsoldt talked about the  Awakening forces behind the Tom Hank’s Character as spoken to USA today.

The Circle (2017) Star Cast Emma Watson

Bailey’s notion is that knowing everything is better and everything is good ‘says Ponsoldt. ‘He believes all experiences and facilities should be available to everyone and not only to the high society, privileged or people capable of affording it. he is a technology freak that can make people to share their experiences with everyone. He can push all the boundaries and if not then destroying it is in the option.

The Circle (2017) Star Cast Emma Watson Shows The Downside Of Transparent Lives
The Circle (2017) Star Cast Emma Watson Shows The Downside Of Transparent Lives

Bailey is certainly sounds like a leader of tech giant company and the circle too seems to create the same era like any other tech company with the queries on how much freedom and how much security and privacy every individual using their product have.

Emma Watson is going to start out as a customer service rep in the circle and after stepping down to the different world and becomes somewhat of a celebrity in the hearts of millions of strangers.

You’ll definitely going to think that how you are living your life and the you can live is somewhat a different world for you. It’s going to be the fun ride, we going to live through Mae. she is us.

Director James Ponsoldt on Emma Watson’s Character.



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