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The Simpsons Season 28 Episode 16 “Kamp Krustier: A Journey To The Past”


The Simpsons’ season 28 episode 16, “Kamp Krustier,” is a vivid mental image of past trauma, which was all about main protagonist and his wife’s therapy and repression, though it is hotheaded. It is about the early life they had at Kamp Krusty. Through this trauma, writers cunning develops a plot to go back to that classical episode of Simpsons.

The Simpsons Season 28 Episode 16

Maggie in her infant age witnesses a terrible thing which happened at Kamp Krusty, a short while ago. No doubt, animators can put back things all again, but it is still funny if someone loses an eye and something like that happened in the show.

The Simpsons Season 28 Episode 16 "Kamp Krustier: A Journey To The Past"

Other than that, the interesting thing at Kamp Krusty is the camp. As every lad who goes there comes back as a changed kid, from Camp Granada graduate Allan Sherman to Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Vorhees. However, Bart is quite emotional in his approach.¬† He deals with the therapeutic vacation as a dodge and makes use of counselor like an X-Box. Lisa came out as a responsible girl; she deals with her own problems.

The Simpsons have earlier too used to have traumas which lead to various outputs with fervor emotions. However, this time after returning from Kamp Krustier, they confront a source of trauma which is quite deeper as compared to earlier times they had it. talking about other characters in the same situations, deal better than that of Simpsons. Chief Wiggum and Lou are well liked in the one-liners for the cop blocking bandage with a badge pattern, although they know how to control it and, i.e., when to trigger it and where to sie it down.

Flander once again proves his stupidity when gets called in a complaint about a gun before Homer, which Homer could get his pistol into the holster.