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The Time Has Come When People Will Be Able To See Jupiter from Earth  


Good news for all the people out there who are looking for the best sky view as the best sky view of the year is here. It is indeed a big opportunity for all the astronomers and stargazer who are looking for the best sky watch time ever. It is the time when we will be able to look at our neighboring planets.

Image Courtesy: New York Post

The biggest planet of our solar system will be clearly visible at the night. Yes, you read it right! Planet Jupiter is going to be visible at night with its moons as well. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our milky way galaxy and it has a tendency to fit more than 1,300 of Earth at a time. Jupiter is at its prime position right now as it is the time when the planet will be better visible as it is brighter than ever. The planet is placed at the opposition of the earth and far from the sun due to which it is going to be easy for people to see the planet Jupiter and its moons. It is that time of the year when Jupiter is closest to Earth. Jupiter is visiting its position on June 10. Jupiter is a planet made out of volcanos yet it looks beautiful in the pictures and in real life too. It is said that there are rapid eruptions of the volcanos on the planet. Jupiter will rise from the east and will set in the west direction at night. As per AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel, “The Earth will basically be exactly between Jupiter and the sun, so the gas giant will be visible in the night sky dusk until dawn.” As per the weather forecast news, the skies will be covered with clouds over the central US, if in case you don’t get the chance to watch the planet you can gaze it on Monday.