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Things You Can Enjoy on International Space Station


Suppose you have a lot of money which you are willing to spend. What is it going to be? You would probably buy a house or a fancy car in which you will ride with your girlfriend and live a fancy life or go on a world tour, but what if you get a chance to go into space by using that money. Astonishing ain’t it? Yes, this can happen as you can actually have a trip to space where you can even stay and have a nice view of the Earth and the Moon and other neighboring planets. NASA is up with the offer as they have opened up the International Space Station for the common people and the business ventures.

Image Courtesy: Space.com

The plan was first proposed weeks ago by the billionaire hotelier Robert Bigelow, whose company, Bigelow Space Operation is willing to send 16 astronauts to the International Space Station in the rockets made by SpaceX in the coming years and each seat is going to cost up to 52 million dollars and the company is also offering one to two months stay in the orbit of the Earth. The mission is scheduled for the next year. The company Bigelow has even come up with a plan to open the space hotels by 2021. If you think the journey to the ISS is going to luxurious then you may be wrong, as it is going to be just like camping in a forest. Peggy Whitson, who has spent more time in space than any other American, returned from her last trip to the ISS and was asked to describe her experience, she said, “I would call it a camping trip.” Each astronaut gets its own comfortable bed to sleep over the International Space Station but the food is not much likely there and if you are a fan of tortillas, then you are just going to love the place because it is full of them.