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Tips To Take Screenshot In Google Pixel Smartphones


The Android 7.1 is ran by the google pixel which is quite exceptional. There are rounded icons with a whole bunch of new features for better or worse. In the form of screenshots you would like to show off some of its splendid looks if you are using the new smartphone.

It is very simple to take screenshots on the google pixel and how it is done is shown below.

Tips To Take Screenshot In Google Pixel Smartphones

Tips To Take Screenshot In Google Pixel

Procedure of how to take and find screenshots on google pixel.

Using Hardware buttons, take a screenshot.

Below are some steps:

Step1: Hold on the top Power button which is on the right side of the mobile.

Step2: After that instantly, hold down on the down volume button.

Step3: Set free both the buttons simultaneously.

If you have executed it correctly then you would see a micro version of your current screen and you would also get notification of the same.

Procedure of how to access the screenshot you recently took.

Screenshots are stored in unique folder on google pixel and which is accessible through the photos application.

The steps for the same are listed below.

Step1: Swipe down on shade of notification.

Step2: Then to open the screenshot, tap on the same.

Step3: To action it tap on share or delete.

Steps to access all your screenshots:

Step1: From the home screen open google photos (app drawer or Folder).

Step2: Then on the top left side of the screen the three-line menu button is there; press it.

Step3: Press device folders.

Step4: Press the folder of Screenshots.

Step5: Open or share screenshot.

Taking screenshot with Google assistant

Right now this feature is not available so you cannot take screenshots through your voice but this feature will be added soon.