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Tom Hardy Confirms To Release Taboo Season 2 On BBC


Yeah, it is Taboo again. Finally, it is confirmed that the drama series Taboo; a brainchild of Tom Hardy is coming back with its second season. Taboo is a British television drama series which will be showcased on BBC one and FX. It is produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker. The show was first premiered on BBC one in UK on 7th January 2017. And it was premiered on FX on 10th January 2017 in US.

Tom Hardy Confirms To Release Taboo Season 2 On BBC

It is a show written by Tom Hardy. Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy is an English actor and producer. He had been in Hollywood since a long time where his debut was in Ridley Scott’s 2001 action film Black Hawk Down. Also his television roles include some serials like Band of Brothers, Sky1, and The Take. He was a creator and a co-producer of the upcoming television series Taboo 2017. He himself has a major role in the upcoming season.

Tom Hardy Confirms To Release Taboo Season 2 On BBC

Like the previous season the show comes with eight episodes. The series have Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce and Mark Gatiss as this series’ co-stars Veterans. Ridley Scott is the executive producer for the show, with Tom Hardy being the co-producer of the show. They gave a statement to the press that they are very happy and satisfied after the show had been confirmed. Whereas Knight, is again serving as script writer to the show and he states that he is very excited about the season-2 and expects the same popularity for the show as the first one.

When taboo first premiered on 7th January this year it eventually became a talk amongst the critics. It created a buzz which became one of the biggest reasons for it success in both the countries. The protagonist of the series was assumed to be in a negative and an unfair role initially. But when the show was broadcast the tables turned upside down and the fans where surprised.

The viewers can prepare themselves to indulge themselves into a whole new experience of their old favorite show Taboo. However Tom Hardy ensures this drama will stay true to its origins of 19th century England.