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Tropical Storm Barry To Hit New Orleans


New Orleans is in a huge danger because of the storm which is being called Barry. Due to the storm, people are forced to pack themselves in their respective houses and the travellers are trying to get out of the town and due to that, the airport of the town is all jammed up.

Aimee Cutter, the owner of Beach House restaurant, walks through water surge from Lake Pontchartrain on Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville, La., ahead of Tropical Storm Barry, Saturday, July 13, 2019. Barry is expected to reach hurricane strength by the time its center reaches the Louisiana coast, expected before noon local time. The storm is expected to weaken after it moves inland. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)

This storm is going to be a test for the New Orleans as it is going to show how well their protection systems are in the 14-year span since Hurricane Katrina hit the town. The storm is expected to hit on Sunday, the authorities are already up to making necessary arrangements as they have closed the floodgates and raised all the barriers around the town to protect 1.3 million people who are already shaken up due to the news of the storm.

The storm is first going to hit Morgan City and it is going to be the first hurricane of the season. It is being said that the storm is going to affect most parts of Mississippi and Louisiana state which makes it sure that around 3 million people will be affected because of the rain and heavy winds. The authorities have made necessary arrangements as they have allotted about 3,000 National Guard troops and rescue crews. The crew has been posted around the state with boats. The precautionary measures also including high-water vehicles and helicopters.

“This is happening. … Your preparedness window is shrinking,” National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham warned. He added: “It’s powerful. It’s strengthening. And the water is going to be a big issue.” People who are living in the low-lying areas have already been affected and they are already asked to evacuate and move to the safe zone. “My concerns are just hoping it’s not going to be another Katrina,” said Donald Wells, a restaurant cook in New Orleans.