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Trump Hints At ‘Personal Meeting’ With Chinese President on Hong Kong Protests


Hong Kong protestsThe US President Donald Trump thinks that he should personally meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping so that they could discuss the ongoing crisis of Hong Kong that began in March this year when people started protesting against the anti-extradition bill passed by the Hong Kong government.

Hong Kong protests
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Using his twitter handle the President of USA said that he did not have any doubt in the ability of the Hong Kong President as far as getting the Hong Kong issue resolved with compassion.  He further said that the protests are directly linked with the US-China trade tension that has been going on for quite some time.

Donald Trump posted on Twitter that he was sure China wanted to make a deal with the USA but he would prefer that China resolves the Hong Kong issue first.

President Trump tweeted weeks after the unrestrained pro-democracy protests were conducted in Hong Kong buy the opposition against the extradition bill. The critical analysts were sure that if the bill is implemented Hong Kong will be Under China’s control. Though the bill has been suspended the protests have changed into a pro-democracy movement. China and Hong Kong is a perfect example of “one country, two systems” that provides it with the much-liked self-sufficiency.

China has its own judiciary and its legal system and has some freedoms that are never experienced in the mainland. Macau and Hong Kong are the parts of Chinese territory were holding vigils and honoring Tiananmen Square are allowed.


In Hong Kong, there has been a significant increase in tension between the protestors and the police recently as Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warned that the city could be “pushed into an abyss”. The Chinese government showed a very strong reaction to these protestors calling their behavior resembling that of the terrorists.

On a Wednesday eve, the policemen armed with protection shields fired tear gas on the protesters in order to disperse the ever-increasing crowd gathered at Sham Sui Po region. The demonstrators were pointing a police station with laser pointers. The police had to use tear gas and pepper spray for helping the injured people and controlling the ones who were becoming out of control. The police had to do it in the dawn of Tuesday night’s clashes between the protesters gathered at the Hong Kong International Airport and the police that ended up in violence On Tuesday night a huge number of protesters entered the terminal buildings and created barriers with the luggage trollies.


After the intense clashes between the demonstrators and the police in Hong Kong the US president used Twitter to reveal his program of meeting the Chinese President so that they can resolve the issue and stop the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. The US president further said that a number of companies were leaving China.

On Wednesday the President of United States of America tweeted about the Hong Kong protests and connected the present trade talks between America and China to the smooth resolution of the protests that have been destabilizing the semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

Using his twitter account Mr. Trump showed his intention of meeting the President of China Xi Jinping and help him with resolving the Hong Kong issue. Trump said that he had some positive talks with China recently. He said that the Chinese were using the tariffs due to the devaluation of their own currency and to get out of this situation they are investing a lot of money into their system. President said that China was more in need of a Trade deal as compared to the U.S, he said this after making the announcement of the extension of September 1st deadline for a tariff of 10% on Chinese imports like laptops, cellphones and consumer goods that worth billions of dollars to December 15th.


In its statement to NBC News, the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs did not deny the possibility of the meeting with the U.S President saying that the two leaders have been in constant touch.

Referring to the expected meeting of President Trump and Xi Jinping a spokeswoman to the ministry of foreign affairs of China said we can just hope that the two Presidents are able to implement the agreement reached in Osaka, we hope that all is done on the basis of mutual respect and equality and through proper consultation and dialogue.

If we see at China’s economy we can notice that it is becoming weak quite rapidly as its rate of unemployment in the urban areas has increased to 5.3 percent in the first six months of the year as compared to 5.1 percent during the same period in 2018. The industrial output of China has reduced to the 17 years lowest and the Yuan is getting devalued at a very fast pace against the dollar.

In a separate statement, Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton on Wednesday has warned China to intervene in the matters of Hong Kong cool mindedly and with perseverance as people of America still remember Tiananmen square.

Let’s hope for the best outcome of the meeting of President Trump and his Chinese counterpart.

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