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Twist ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere Finale Episode Story Plot Details


The season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ premiered last Sunday, taking its fans by a complete surprise. The episode pulled off an unexpected twist – a reference to the storyline mentioned in its comics. Rick’s apparent rivals, the garbage-dwelling Scavengers turned on Rick’s group at the most unexpected moment. It was only when King Ezekiel arrived that Alexandria was able to escape the situation. A special role was given to King Ezekiel’s tiger, Shiva who did a splendid job as well. If it weren’t for them, Carl would certainly be taken over by Lucille. But this was not all.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Episode

The show’s rather key characters Sasha, Negan and the Saviors accompanied Alexandria’s journey towards the finale of the show. The twist began when Alexandria agreed to enter the coffin with the purpose of pushing Rick towards getting into a compromise with Negan. It was even more heart-breaking when Sasha in order to save Rick, sacrificed her life taking Negan by a complete surprise. The way she pulled off this stunt was pretty exciting as well. She essentially asked for a bottle of water before she entered the coffin and took the suicide pill which if you remember, was given to her by Eugene in the 15th episode of seventh season of the show. Fans will be well aware of the fact that Sasha didn’t exactly have an option. The only chance that she had to take the Saviors by a complete surprise is by killing Negan  — which was against her principles. Thus, she eventually bit the dust. Thanks to the rather unexpected distraction created by Sasha, Rick received enough time to revive his strength and take his team to fight off the Scavengers.

Twist ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere Finale Episode Story Plot Details

Sasha’s death wasn’t a surprise as far as ‘The Walking Dead’ is concerned. The show-runners of ‘The Walking Dead’ dropped hints regarding the same for quite some time. Fans will clearly remember the dream sequence that took place wherein Sasha reunited with Abraham, thereby indicating that she was about to enter a space that was irreconcilable. However, at that time, nothing was confirmed yet. Our doubts were confirmed when Sonequa Martin-Green who plays the character of Sasha was officially given the lead role for CBS’s ‘Star Trek-Discovery.’

In the comics, instead of Sasha – Holly receives a similar death. Holly in the comics, is the one that plays Abraham’s love interests and gives up a similar sacrifice. However, not exactly the same scenes followed. Rather, Holly arrived at Rick’s gate with a sack over her head – therefore, when Denise lifted the bag, she was dawned by the fact that she was dead.

‘The Walking Dead’ pulled off a spin-off and created a new Sasha character as Holly’s death already occur in episode five of season two in the show.

However, it was quite interesting to watch the finale of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Fans are craving for any reports regarding the next one.