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Twitter increased the tweet character limit to 280, hopes to gain more users

Twitter extends the tweet limit to 280 characters.


Twitter, one of the most known social media platform which connects a wide range of people all across the globe like a businessman, celebrities and common people too. Just like other social media platform, Twitter is also a way to express your views and opinions on social topics and on your personal livings too.

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Earlier Twitter had a tweet limit of 140 characters which has now increased up to 280 characters. Today the company officially extended the word limit. It was September 2017 when Twitter announced that they are planning to made some changes in the characters limit but the decision was not much appreciated by the users.

Twitter might have thought that this extension of tweet limit will give them more user engagement but users are thinking that Twitter just diverted its focus from the major issues like cyberbullying and below-the-belt comment.

Some users are posting on social media that Twitter did something which user never demanded and this will have both negative and positive impact on its user engagement. The increased tweet limit will surely affect the readability.

Twitter thinks that this increase of tweet limit will make people more expressive. “More space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before,” the micro-blogging company said in a blog post.

Twitter also added that they had a trail with some guys and they said the engagement was nice with the extended limit as they were able to express themselves more conveniently. And also they started getting good content over Twitter with this increased tweet limit.

We believe that both negative and positive perception can be there from a user point of view but the company somewhere made the changes to make more user engagement.