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Twitter Murdered “Like” Button


Twitter appears to have some doubts about a very important part of its service which is Like Button. Paddling into a cesspool of Hot takes racist trolls, liking content is a way to navigate through the fog and shine like a sun on all the attractive/useful stuff actually come on Twitter for.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated at a private Twitter event last week that he planned to do get rid of the like button “soon” in order to “improve the quality of debate.”An attempt was made by banning hate speech, and possibly No.45 may encourage a better debate, but probably Dorsey hopes on whatever wave Kanye is currently riding on.

It is necessary to note that some, including BuzzFeed News’ Katie Notopoulos, are questioning about the accuracy of this new report. She tweeted, “In the past week, Twitter met reporters (including BuzzFeed) to show many potential new features, not to mention,” she Twitted

The doubtful response to the report by Twitter that seems to be kind of a confirmation. We are moving forward to work at an early stage but still, now “we have no plans to share present right now,” the company tweeted.

But people on Twitter are sharing their emotions about the Telegraph’s report. They are also asking is it the report is true and if it is true it might be time to hearten ourself for the starting of the end. Without validation, it is confirmed that all the fun parts of Twitter would be no longer seen. Please just give us an edit button and go.

Eliminating the Like Button will definitely, yes 100% make the troll problem here way poorer. The most common and interesting part is Like Button. In new Twitter, the most common interaction will be a hateful reply. We don’t want this type of Twitter.