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Veteran dogs being tested to find the relation between the owner and the dog


When it comes to dogs, they are the first option when it comes to adopting a companion. They are helping, friendly, and more than anything they are our best friends. The bonding that a person can develop with a dog cannot be developed with anyone else. As we all know that dogs have a very strong hearing and smelling power and that is why they are also used by militaries and police departments all over the world.

Army Sgt. Carlos Cruz with Hannah
Image Credit: CBS News

According to science, keeping a dog and getting attached to them is connected with our genes. Recently, a study was conducted by a group of scientists in which they tested 100 veterans and their service dogs and one of the subjects in the study was retired Army Sgt. Carlos Cruz who is fully dependent on his companion and service dog Hannah. Cruz served the army in Northern Afganistan as his mission was to detect and hunt bombs and other enemies explosive devices in which his dog also helped him. Hannah is a labrador who is a bomb hunter as well she is cute too. Cruz was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after his arrival from his duty.

He adopted Hannah as his service in 2018 and he conveys that he is very thankful to Hannah for every day. The scientists asked Cruz to collect his saliva three times a day and the same for his dog and track his vitals as Cruz wraps a band on his wrist which tracks his vitals. Cruz and Hannah will be tested again in the summers.

Dr. Maggie O’Haire told CBS News, “I think there are people out there who question whether or not service dogs actually help and they are looking for numbers and science.” The study is being conducted to find out what makes dogs so helpful and why as they want to see whether there is any chemical reaction which is ignited by the service dogs in their owners and vice-versa.