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Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 Trailer Released


Walking dead is based on a comic book series which has been written by Robert Kirkman. The same has been adapted into American horror drama. The drama aired in The United States in 2010. It has successfully been able to complete 7 seasons as of now.

Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12

The eleven episodes of the seventh season which began in October 2016 have already been aired.  As per the sources the spoilers for season 7, episode 12 has been leaked. The season has been named “say yes” and would be aired in US at AMC on March 5, at 9pm.The spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episode Rick and Michonne would be seen surrounded by walkers where they would be finding a medium to escape. On the other hand Rosita would be seen going on a mission all alone. Seeing her juggling out with things independently would be a great take for the audience. Rather it would be fun.


The episode that was aired off lately came as a surprise to all its viewers. The viewers were introduced to Negan for the first time in season 7. However the major spoiler remains the activities that the gang would be seen doing. Rick and Michonne would coincidentally enter a soldier base camp where they would find trails of bullets, arms and ammunitions. This would instigate them more and encourage them to carry forward their research.

According to the promo’s Rick would be hurt and both would be seen struggling for their lives while finding a way out to escape from the walkers.

The spoiler TV news about the episode must have churned out the expectations of the viewers as the secret has already been revealed. But, watching the same happening turn by turn would be a great surprise for the fans.