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Watch American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 Preview Spoilers


American Crime is an American drama series which began in March 2015. The series casts Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton. The storyline revolves around the issues like race, gender, caste and religion centered around the lives of the characters portrayed.

American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 Spoilers

The drama has successfully launched two of its seasons and is making a comeback with the Season 3. The first episode of the upcoming season would be aired on March 12, Sunday. If you haven’t watched any of its seasons you need not be worried. The story writers bring a brand new script with each season and present the characters in an extravagant manner which is in turn pleasing to the eyes.

Watch American Crime Season 3 Episode 1 Preview Spoilers

In a nutshell, the drama stands out of the crowd undoubtedly. The issues are presented in an extraordinary manner through the life of the characters that the viewers are forced to examine them from a broader perspective and dig out the reasons behind the same.

The episode has been written by John Ridley whereas Yong Kim has directed it.

So the episode begins with an emergency call where the person informs the operator about the dead body that has been found in the river. The story discusses the lives of the characters around the political scenario. Many old characters such as Benito Martinez and Regina King make a comeback with this episode. The new season is a table turner for Regina as her character undergoes a transformation. She is a social worker who comes to the rescue of the teenagers indulged in prostitution.

The season also discusses the condition of the farmers and with this we are introduced to the owner of Hesby farms, Cherry Jones who has earned a lot because of the illegal workers that they hire. Dallas Roberts enters as her brother Carson. However, Laurie Ann has no idea about the workers that are hired. Huffman plays the role of Carson’s wife and is portrayed as an obedient one.

Some dialogue teasers like “Get your ass up”, “Times are tough”, it’s hot out and much more are in news. As per the preview we can assume this episode to be a great deal.