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Watch American Dad Season 13 Episode 9 “The Witches of Langley” Review


Steve and Pals have recently turned to the dark arts for comfort. They have revisited the ‘90s in a nostalgic, frustrating episode for American Dad.

American Dad has been running for many seasons now. They have established a strong line of supporting characters. There are many characters of Langley Falls, they are more than capable for soldering the responsibility of anchoring the storyline. Even people like Grey and Terry are getting the honor. It always feels nice to see a character like Roger taking the backseat for someone else. In this episode, Steve’s group of friends take the spotlight.

American Dad Season 13 Episode 9 Review

It is always said “to have no table is to have no nation,” and this is the thing that Steve learns at the very start. Steve and company never had a unifying factor which could help them bond together. This makes their task meaningless and never gets any special attention.Because of that Steve and his friends become very determined to have “that thing”. This group went unnoticed for quite a long time and now they desperately want to make their mark. All these criteria add a new dimension to the group of Steve and his friends. This helps them to make the long run. All the characters had lots of time to grow slowly over the decade. Although their sudden appearance do leave a mark. This might not be necessary but its honest meditation in terms of popularity can’t be denied.

Watch American Dad Season 13 Episode 9 "The Witches of Langley" Review

The fact that Roger, originally Twanderlust Lumpkin is in charge of the “House of Curiosities” and Steve becomes enamored in the play is another brilliant addition. Although he makes a very minor appearance, it feels good to see him involved with what’s going on around him. At this point the concept of Witchcraft is introduced. It also seems natural for Steve and his crew to get over their issues. They accept to Witchcraft without any signs of hesitation. As the boys continue to defy their witch powers, the principal introduces himself to be a witch hunter determined to catch the new witches in town.

The witch status of the boys brings a lot of popularity to the show. The real obstacle comes in the form of the forbidden sect of supernatural and dark magic act. It’s the tempting form of the dark magic that Steve and his crew has been working so hard for. The most lovable part of this new storyline is that it matches with the supernatural young adult movie series titled Vampire Academy. It never feels boring because of its solid structure. Things become more interesting when Steve becomes the one corrupted by dark magic. Snot, Toshi and Barry work together in order to bring him down. The magic part is really interesting but the episode splits its focus slightly by moving on to a session by Stan and Klaus which is devoted to the “90s bands. There is nothing more in this storyline than that.