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Watch American Fantasy Horror Show Supernatural Season 12 Stuck In The Middle (With You) Episode 12 Review


The American fantasy horror television series ‘Supernatural’ has gained abundant appreciation and TRP in all its seasons. It takes us back to the basics with its Season 12.

As of now 12 episodes of Season 12 have already been aired. The episode 12 has been titled ‘Stuck in the middle (with you). The works of Quentin Tarantino has been an inspiration to the episode and the title of the episode talks about the famous folk-rock song by Stealers Wheel which has been featured in the movie ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12 Review

If we talk about the episode, undoubtedly it has been screened and presented in an ambiguous yet artistic style. The episode introduces to the audience a new type of a villain whose whereabouts would be seen in episodes yet to come. It has been shot in an extravagant manner. And each shot surprises the viewer. The episode is filled with surprises and drops for the viewer and it doesn’t disappoint him. Rather, it thrills the viewer as every second marks the opening of a new secret. Whenever you feel something is going to happen, it happens in an extraordinary manner leaving you surprised and confused at the same moment.


The episode had a touch of Tarantino cinema. However the three scenes which were a cherry on the cake were the dinner heating up the fight, battle at Ramiel’s house and aftermath at the barn.

Each scene portrayed a different scenario and introduced different characters and hence revealed distinct secrets which in turn let the viewer chain up the sequence of events to actually understand what was going on.

As the episode progresses we are acquainted with the Princess of Hell who comes with a strong determination to not die. Also the siblings of Azazel; Ramiel, Asmodeus and Dagon come into picture.

My. Crowley is musically introduced which somehow lightens up the mood of the viewer.

And finally towards the end of the episode we are revealed what exactly Mary steals from the demons safe. ‘A COLT’.