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Watch American TV Series “Feud” Promo Trailer Video


Feud is an upcoming American television series. The series developed by Ryan Murphy, has been ordered by FX with a straight 8-episode order & it will be premiered on March 5, 2017. Ryan Murphy Feud is looking just as campy as you might have expected hoped, or possibly feared. The very first installment in a planned anthology series, Bette & Joan centers on the legendary behind the scenes battles between Bette Davis & Joan Crawford as they tried to revive their careers by starring in What ever happened to Baby Jane?

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Ryan Murphy repertory player Jessica Lange plays Crawford while Susan Sarandon is the imperious Davis. The show also features Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Davis, Kiernan Shipka & Alison Wright.

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Ryan Murphy latest FX anthology series, & for the debut season, Murphy takes on one of the Hollywood’s most iconic rivalries, the infamous decades, the long battle of the divas between Bette Davis, & Joan, Crawford.

For over half a century, they hated each other, & we loved them for it as she sets the scene for the notorious tinsel town feud born on the set of the 1962 horror classic.

Ryan Murphy’s fingerprints are all over this series, with the visuals as decadent & delicious as the drama they are serving. The long time FX creator is coming off a career high with a critically acclaimed water cooler hit American Crime Story: The people vs O.J. Simpson, so I am very interested to see how Feud pivots his creative instincts from there.

However, Feud looks lush, it’s also looking at the grit behind the glitz of Hollywood glamour & Murphy’s creative timber seems ideally pitched to take on that dynamic.

Feud will be premiere on March 5, 2017 on FX. So, be ready to watch the exciting anthology series by Ryan Murphy.