Watch Bigg Boss 10 Day 33 Rohan Manu Lopa Fight 18-11-2016 Episode Written Updates

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Day 33 Rohan Manu Lopa Fight 18-11-2016 Episode Written Updates: Welcome!
Today is 33rd Day in Bigg Boss, As same Morning songs wakeups all contestants. Om Ji seen in new looks, he had first-time wear t-shirt and lowered and tell housemates regarding Baba Ramdev success story. As captain Rohan have to take the first action and he has select two inmates who have a stand in jail. And he has picked Manu and Manveer as the culprit. Due to Rohan’s, this decision Manu and Manveer are opposing his decisions, and both of them are asking the reason for the punishment. But, Rohan is not telling the reason behind his decision. They are calling him the dictator. Nitiba and Rohan are arguing about his punishment to Manu and Manveer. Manu says he only listen to his father only, no other them him can take him to jail. Manu says he is not interested in following Bigg Boss rules.

Bigg Boss 10 Day 33 Episode Written Updates

In next scene, Rohan and Lopa are fighting each other. The fight between gets to next level and the reason behind the fight is the punishment which was given to Manu and Manveer. Lopa is using abusive language for Rohan. The temperature in the Bigg Boss house is very warm.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Day 33 Rohan Manu Lopa Fight 18-11-2016 Episode Written Updates
Watch Bigg Boss 10 Day 33 Rohan Manu Lopa Fight 18-11-2016 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss announces that Manu and Manveer will go to jail. Now, Rohan tells the reason behind his decision that Manveer is very violent and Manu should also get to know about the things which peoples do in jail.

Finally, Manu and Manveer goes to jail after the announcement of Bigg Boss. Gaurav will be jailer of the prison. Om Ji went to Manu & Manveer and started crying after that seem them in prison. Lopa and Lokesh are dancing in front of the jail, and Manu & Manveer are singing from the jail.

Rohan calls Lopa and says she have to clean the house properly. After that, Rohan says Lokesh that she have to work in the home. Rohan gives the punishment that she has to stay outside till when lights are off. But, Lokesh is not obeying Rohan’s order.

Watch Bigg Boss 18-11-2016 Episode Fights

Nitiba announces that today oil facing competition will take place in the Bigg Boss house and home women will have from one to four from all boys. Gaurav gets the first rank; Rohan gets two levels; Rahul gets the 3rd position, and Karan gets 4th level. Now, Gaurav and Rohan have to face oil mud task. All housemates are charging ups Rohan and Gaurav during this work.

Rohan again wins this task also. And in the last of the day, Bigg Boss announces that Manu and Manvver punishment is now finally over and now they can come outside from the jail. All housemates wish Happy Birthday to Karan’s wife.

Precap: Tomorrow Alia Bhatt and Mohini Rao will be the chief guest and Salman Khan says Om Ji that he can not use poor language for girls and tomorrow will be Bigg Boss ka double weekend war as any two contestants will be eliminated from the show.


The contestants in above pics are nominated for this week.

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