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Watch Chapter 4 Riverdale Episode 4 Review: The Last Picture Show


More secrets have been revealed in this week’s episode of Riverdale and this time they showed a connection to Miss Grundy. Jughead is also on a mission to save the drive-in. A biggest change introduces in the Riverdale is made to a character from the Archie comics has to do with Miss Grundy. She is an old woman and is still a music teacher, on this page. The linked character is aged down for the plot creation of ‘Archie sleeps with his teacher’.

Watch Chapter 4 Riverdale Episode 4 Review

But it turns out that original Miss Grundy is not going to vanish up fully out of the Riverdale comics.

Some secrets about the new music teacher probably have been uncovered by Betty during her investigation into Jason’s murder. For sure, one of those secrets is Archie’s relationship with Miss Grundy, this is somehow likely to the information that Alice finds in the Betty’s diary which will going to ruin the Archie’s image.

Watch Chapter 4 Riverdale Episode 4 Review: The Last Picture Show

In this episode, Miss Grundy has even bigger secrets and with the higher percentage of chances that she is not really Miss Grundy. Identity of a dead old woman who looks like Miss Grundy has been stolen by her, from the comics.

A scorched earth policy of having these characters default setting has been repeatedly proven by Riverdale. Greatly plotted, it was a smart move. The storyline of Archie/Grundy was turning our lead character Archie foolish increasingly as he continued to ignore one Red Cross after another, Until he got straightened by Veronica and Betty on revealing the truth about Grundy. A thanks to their second consecutive week of committing minor criminal offenses. The lead character Archie look more like of lovesick sucker, nice abs or not.

It makes the mind turn to a larger issue that how Riverdale has an Archie Problem. Consider this a major clue to Riverdale’s underlying mystery.