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Watch ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 79 Recap & Episode 80 Review Spoilers


The main match of the pre-competition starts as Majin Buu and Kicker Basil fight it in the ring. The recap of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 79 demonstrates what occurred in “Universe 9’s Kicker Basil versus Universe 7’s Majin Buu.”

The episode begins and Majin Buu is mocked by Basil for being excessively weak. Kaioshin is concerned to see Buu taking the blows so effectively. In the mean time, Rou boasts about his “Trio the Dangers,” however Elder Kaioshin supposes it is an inept name for a group.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 & 80

Kibito thinks Rou is very discourteous for a Kaioshin. Somewhere else, the Omni-Kings and Jeruz are confounded why Buu’s laughing. For Buu, it is each of the game and he needs Basil to do it again what he did. Mr. Satan has recommended Buu take the battle as playtime.

Watch ‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 79 Recap & Episode 80 Review Spoilers

Buu calls Basil “little bit fun.” But, Basil thinks he is not fun at all. In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 79, Goku wonders there is something different about the Universe 9’s fighters as he is unable to sense their ki. However, Goku is excited about fighting these warriors and the other folks from different universes. Beerus thinks Goku is not taking the tournament seriously and Whis believes his sense of excitement has affected the Omni-King.

Goku asks the Universe 9’s fighter to go hard against Buu. Basil taunts Buu again during the fight and Rou thinks that Basil, alone, can take down all the Universe 7 fighters. Buu still thinks it is a game while everyone is shocked to see Buu still standing with a hole in his chest.

In the crossfire, Satan is hurt and Buu asks if he can heal him, but Satan wants to him to continue the fight. Buu gets upset after Satan gets hurt. Meanwhile, Toppo blocks a stray attack from hitting his Kaioshin. Buu has won the battle due to the ring-out rule but the Omni-Kings want more.

The Great Priest tells them that this tournament does not have the ring-out rule. The fighters can continue to fight until one side gives up. Beerus is unhappy about this development, but he will have to suck it up. Basil powers up and attacks Buu. Basil declares he has won the match, but wait, Buu is still standing. Goku and Gohan are shocked to see Buu. However, Elder Kaioshin says that Buu has hit his threshold point.

Omni-Kings announce that they enjoyed and the Great Priest announces Buu as the winner of the first round. Lavenda is next and he asks Bergamo if they can kill their opponents. Bergamo tells him to kill to his heart’s content.

Gohan declares he wants to go next. The Great Priest sees Gohan as Goku’s son. Meanwhile, the Omni-Kings have high hopes from Gohan.