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Watch Elementary Season 5 Episode 16 “Fidelity” Preview Spoilers


Elementary is an American drama series which features the protagonist of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes. The series revolves around Holmes who works along with the New York City police Department as a detective and helps them in solving crimes. The essence of the series is the intellectual manner in which Holmes solves the cases. The first episode of the series first premiered in 2012 and since then the series has been gaining immense popularity. The TRP rates have been high.  The drama is through with four seasons as of now and the fifth season is in progress.

Elementary Season 5 Episode 16 “Fidelity” Spoilers

Watch Elementary Season 5 Episode 16 "Fidelity" Preview Spoilers

The promos for the upcoming episodes have already been released. The season has been written by Jason Tracey and Robert Doherty. It has been directed by Christine Moore. The regular cast includes Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes, Lucy Liu as Watson, Aidan Quinn as Captain Tommy Gregson and Jon Michael Hill as Marcus Bell. However, among the guest cast we have Ophelia Lovibond, Tim Guinee, Alan Rosenberg, Blaire Brown, Scott Shepherd, Steve Key, Jim Paddock and many more. The episode 5.16 has been titled Fidelity and would broadcast on CBS television network on March 12.

The episode would be a complete source of entertainment with many twists and turns. Sherlock and Kitty’s relationship would go for a toss after Kitty puts her heart out to Sherlock and shares her deepest secret.  Moreover, on the other hand the story progresses. Joan and Kitty are indulged in solving the case which has some serious connections with an old case they solved in London. They discover new truths about it. According to their investigation a chain of murders is linked to the conspiracy against the international government and they struggle to join the loopholes so that the case can be resolved.