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Watch ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Cry’ Teaser Trailer New Character Designs Revealed


A latest update has been announced for the upcoming animated movie ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Cry’. The official trailer of the series has been released. Apart from that, The character designs have also been revealed in the show case. The anime series is going to be featured up in the new trailer of the ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Fly’. The main characters and fans gave a glimpse of important scenes which will going to determine the Natsu’s fate. The leading character is the impulsive hero who always prioritizes his friends over his own life,  Natsu is showcased as the owner of the immense power, probably to save his friends as Lucy tries to stop him. Natsu X claimed in the trailer that he did not care what happened to him – his flesh, blood and bones. The teaser concluded that the power may be either be the cause of destruction or a beacon of hope.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

In addition to the mind-blowing scenes, the trailer teased the climax of the original manga series, which has already been entered in his final arc, which reveals the parts of the manga’s storyboard. The teaser revealed that after a decade since the original series of manga has been serialized, the creator of the series Hiro Mashima will finally give his story the ending it deserved. It went on to reveal that the Manga has sold over 60 million printed copies worldwide.


With the release of the trailer, the complete official designs for ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Cry’ were also released, finally putting faces to the new characters that will be introduced in the animated movie. it revealed Sonya, Zash Caine and King Animus completely garbed in their country’s traditional color. All these three characters belong to Stella Kingdom.

The story of the the ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Cry’ is about the Fairy tail guild members who are after these three when Zash dragon cry from the temple to give to King Animus and in their pursit, they get along and cross paths with Sonya. Now these three want to get their hands on Dragon Cry, which is a powerful magical artifact that can destroy the world and why they want it remains a mystery. The premier is going to showed up on May 6 in Japan.