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Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 3 ‘American Bitch’ Review Spoilers


Girls Season 6 Episode 3 ‘American Bitch’: It is a bottle of Grand Tradition of ‘Girls’ past and maybe it is the show’s finest achievement so far. This Episode was aired on Sunday 2017, February 26 on HBO Channel but it is now available to stream through HBO NOW & HBO Go.

Girls Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers

‘Girls’ is an American Comedy Drama TV Series which is created by Lena Dunham. She serves as an executive producer along with Jud Apatow and Jenni Konner. This series was finally premiered on HBO Channel on 12th April 2012.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 3 'American Bitch' Review Spoilers

Lena Dunham is not Hannah Horvath. Girls is not non-fiction. Hannah Horvath is her own character, apart from Dunham or any real person. Girls basically respond to an incorporates real-world criticism. I say all that because “American Bitch” is one of the most excessively, openly, frankly and self-aware episode Dunham has ever written. That’s the reason why Girls Season 6 is one of the most popular TV Show.

Hannah, after writing a takedown piece of author Chuck Palmer for a small feminist blog. She was invited by Palmer to his Apartment. He was hoping that they could hash out the allegations and clearly, he wanted to prove that they were untrue.

She is really curious to know why would a famous writer call her to his Apartment even after she published an inflammatory article about him on a feminist website that’s not even the Times? Isn’t that weird? He is disarming them making himself appear non-threatening. Even before she meets him he is doing this.

The majority of ‘American Bitch’ was found Hannah and Palmer sparring, back and forth essentially debating sexual dynamics and what the definition of “sexual assault” truly is (if such a thing can even be precisely defined). ‘American Bitch’ was buoyed by great writing, great direction and stunning performances by both Luna Dunham and guest star Matthew Rhys.

Hannah clearly realized that something was wrong as Palmer began complimenting her more and more without any particular reason which really puzzled her. Even when he pretended to listen to her it was clear that something was not right. culminating in him saying that he wanted to “prove” to Hannah that he thought she was more than “just a pretty face.”

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