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Watch Girls Season 6 Finale Episode 10 “Latching” Review Spoilers

After 6 tremendous years and 61 amazingly aired episodes, HBO’s Girls aired its final 62nd episode last night. Here’s what you should know about the last episode of this season and series.
While a very major part of audience’s question is answered through this episode as the show’s co-runner Jenni Konner tells that it has ‘the spin-off that will never be’, and while many consider the episode as a little bit slow paced and more offbeat. Te stories of four girls with show’s penultimate episode was essentially its traditional finale’s wrap-up.

Girls Season 6 Finale Episode 10

The whole of the Final season was an attempt to address that question and last week’s episode seems to felt like a tough enough to answer that. The last season was so impressively done that it can make you sad, feel warm and hopeful while giving some scare at once, but all-in-all everything worked out greatly and made the viewers end it on a good note.
Watch Girls Season 6 Finale Episode 10 "Latching" Review Spoilers
Talking about the episode, Jessa and Hannah, two loving best-friends character who started out their journey ended up being bitter enemies by the show’s sixth season, while the essence of the show Girls which started with the theme of self-absorption and slightly narcissistic but still willing to learn maintains till the last episode and felt like a fitting epilogue. As Marnie pledges her allegiance to help Hannah raise the baby, seems to be a kind thing but it’s mostly for her selfish motives. Helping Hannah to raise her baby is one best wat to shape something that is amorphous for her, while the only friend she has is Marnie, despite she thinks a lot is there for her.
The show continues then to 5 months later and Hannah now has a bouncing baby whose name is Paul Louis. Paul passes all the tests with flying colors, except for one minor detail. Hannah’s having a bit of difficulty in breastfeeding, the doctor tells her that this doesn’t alone makes Hannah unfit or not able to be a good mother. This might not seem a big problem, ┬ábut if she finds any solution to this than her life will be much better than one she is living right now.
While the story of two women, despite being independent and raising a baby together is less found in reality. In fact, they are having good times with each other but as Hannah can’t breastfeed her son and Marnie realizing that she’s into something which she didn’t wish for. This inability of Hannah’s turns out to be a major reason for her growing frustration in life, which is now growing into other things and calling Loreen, which didn’t go well with Marnie.
Now as things start to get out of both of their hands, Hannah decide to raise the baby all by herself. While some conversation between Loreen and Marnie about Hannah’s decision made her clear that it’s her own decision and she’s a grown-up now. While Hannah got a very good lesson when she meets an unknown girl screaming and crying in her underwear in a quiet street, initially it felt like an ’emergency’, but actually, it was only a girl who ran just because her mom asked her to do the homework, that’s it. Hannah tells her about what mothers actually mean and then finds herself wrong too. She realizes and goes back to her home to her mother and Marnie, now as everything is clear to Hannah. Her baby starts crying, all three goes. but Hannah holds her and tries to breastfeed her and miraculously this time it works.
While this episode is one of the best viewers have every had and gave us both sad and happy moments of joy.
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