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Watch Gotham City Sirens Spoilers Details


Harley Quinn is going to be brought back to the big screen by David Ayer and for sure ‘Margot Robbie’,with Gotham city Sirens and with another Batman villain in town. It seems to be like that David Ayer is going to continue expanding the DC movie universe. After the introduction to the whole host of villains in Suicide Squad, including Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, The Joker and Deadshot, and now he is going to take an another swing thorugh the Gotham City. The difference brought this time that it is coming with the female villains movie called Gotham City Sirens.

Watch Gotham City Sirens Spoilers

We are likely to meet the brand new big screen versions of Poison Ivy and Catwoman in this project, which is based on how that Gotham City Sirens Name has been deployed in the comics. It will probably give up a host of new series of DC comics characters and concepts  on the big screen as well. Harley Quinn, the highlight playing by Margot Robbie is going to come back in suicide squad. Margot Robbie will produce and Geneva Robertson Dworet ( the upcoming Sherlock Holmes 3 and Tomb Raider Reboot).

Watch Gotham City Sirens Spoilers Details

THR reports that Warner Bros. is considering a deadshot solo movie as well and Suicide Squad 2 is definitely still on the table. It has not been cleared yet that if this takes the place of the Harleey Quinn movie in development, which reported has a screenplay in development from Christina Hodson and is being produced by Margot Robbie.

Now who vcould possibly the Villain Be? WELL, this is admittedly not much, But David Ayer, who known to be open about such things on social media, just tweeted this out…

This is going to be another DC Movie about super villains, which is going to feature a Batman Villain, but certainly one which comes with less power baggage that Mr. J did in suicide squad. This handsome Fella is Roman Sionis, known by his Gotham City crime lord name of Black Mask. We didn’t have any word on the release date yet.