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Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 15 ‘Civil War Starts” Spoilers


A lot more drama can be expected by fans to unfold on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13. This is going to happen when the case of Trauma is brought to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The sides were taken in the previous episodes as it is already known by the fans. ‘Civil War’ is stated as the title of the upcoming episode, so a tense situation might develop into boil which can be expected by the fans.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15

Conflicts In The Hospital Will Develop Into A Boil:

Four attending will going to be involved in the treatment of the disturbing trauma case that has arrive in the treatment. Jackson, April, Catherine and Richard will all try to administer the right treatment for the patient. But the personal conflicts of those involved and the policies involved will adversely affect the medical protocols that they should follow. More adverse complications will be involved in the situation ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 3.

Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 15 'Civil War Starts" Spoilers

Meredith Is Back To In The Hospital:

Meanwhile, the rumor of Alex and Meredith getting romantically linked has again popped up with the comments shared by Ellen Pompeo who has played the role of Meredith. In the episode 14 of season 3 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ she’ll be back at the hospital. She will be caught in the crossfire between Nathan and Alex while working on a case.

Ellen Pompeo Speaks Up About The Rumor, But She Also Gave A Caveat:

An idea has been shared by Pompeo about the chances of Meredith hooking up with Alex in Season 13 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. She agreed that she wouldn’t be very happy if the two become lovers instead of just being friends. It would be like kissing his brother, as further added by her. However, she admitted that she used to say the same thing with Dempsey (Patrick). After a while, they turned out to be lovers.

Justin Chambers Has The Same Idea:

Justin Chambers on his part plays Alex on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 which has also concurred with Pompeo. ‘It would be kind of strange’ he said. He later added that Meredith and Alex are just like siblings who love each other very much. There is nothing that prevents fan from thinking that the two will hook up in the future episode.