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Watch Nissan Armada SUV 2017: Design | Safety Systems


A sophisticated well designed SUV is packed up by the 2017 Nissan Armada. It powerfully offers intelligent safety shields system and amazing navigation system. This luxurious SUV promises you to bring an amazing driving experience.

Nissan Armada SUV 2017

Bold Distinctive Exterior:

The SUV’s grille has clean lines and aggressive design. It has 20-inch unique wheel. The Armada has a roof rails crossbars which skis, Kayaks, bikes and anything can haul on the room. All this combine sets a muscular upscale adventure.

Functional chrome air vents has been provided to the each side of the vehicle which gives a stylish look to it. The LED signature is being captivated by the LED low beam headlights which can brilliantly lights up the road. The taillights LED also convincing a unique design which is highly visible to those behind the vehicle.

Watch Nissan Armada SUV 2017: Design | Safety Systems
Nissan Armada SUV 2017

Exclusively Crafted SUV:

The 2017 Nissan Armada consists of a dual tone automatic temperature control (ATC) which allows the passenger to generate and set the temperature. The Nissan SUV is crafted a heated steering wheel and designed for reducing the heat, as mentioned by the car scoops.

Nissan Navigation System And Other Technologies:

the Armada consists of an impressive advanced navigation system technology which gives conditions of roads via Navtraffic and real-time weather updates via Navweather. It offers a mobile entertainment system and an excellent infotainment, premium audio system and hands-free calling, as mentioned by the Autoweek. Plug in games stem and a rear seat’s entertainment system is included by the mobile entertainment system. It features the bird view perspective and a voice recognition system. 13 high-end speakers including a subwoofer is being offered by the Bose audio system of Armada concert hall. The Armada can be unlocked automatically without using the keys with the help of Nissan intelligent key.

Safety Shield:

The safety shield of Armada is being well designed to control the unexpected situations. A boosted confidence is offered to all the driving situations by the Nissan Intelligent safety shield.

the around monitor view provides a virtual 360 degrees bird’s eye view of moving vehicle and the forward braking helps Armada to slow down and monitor the vehicles ahead. It gives alert via audible and visual controls as it uses four cameras to monitor the vehicle.