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Watch ‘One Piece’ Episode Chapters 857, 858 Spoilers Latest Updates


One Piece is a Japanese comic series which has been written by Eiichirio Oda. It targets both adults as well as the children. The artistic piece is quiet famous amongst its readers. Moreover, the same has been adopted into a t.v series too. Every new chapter comes as a surprise to its readers. As the story progresses the plot takes new twists and turns and unveils the new mystery.

‘One Piece’ Episode Chapters 857, 858 Spoilers

So the news for the story leaks has spread like a fire. As the latest update says the upcoming chapter would reveal few things in a mysterious way. The story would take an unexpected turn. Anime moves on to a new venture and Jinbe offers Luffy something that has to be accepted. There’s no other way out.

Watch ‘One Piece' Episode Chapters 857, 858 Spoilers Latest Updates

In chapter 857 of the comic, Luffy visits Gang Benge and asks for help in order to save all from Big mom’s plan. There is a huge communication gap. Luffy and Sanji are unable to reach out to others through the mirror. Sanji’s family is in trouble. It has been held as a hostage. Sanji is asked to marry one of the big mom’s daughters failing which the family would be harmed. However, later it is revealed that the marriage was a well planned set up by the big mom during which she planned to kill Vinsmokes.

Luffy accepts the offer as suggested by Jinbe. All of them team up with Gang Benge to fight against the big mom which is not an easy task. The mystery lies in whether Luffy would allow Benge killing her or would stop him from doing so.

The anime series would be introduced in these chapters on March 19. Some of the new characters would be introduced. Luffy would be seen in complete new attire. Finally, the zou arc would end after two episodes.