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Watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 14 Promo, Release Date, Spoilers Caleb Returns


Today, “Quantico” season 2 gave you a scene that tied up a few of the show’s last details. We discovered that Lydia was the terrorist, that Ryan and Alex are not in an awesome place, and that there will be another group framed in the result of everything that Lydia did … and it is one that will incorporate Alex Parrish and organization.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 14

Before we move any further, how about we simply say that the Lydia curve was SUPER OBVIOUS. We sort of expected that she had a major part to play in it surrendered her work setting and running the AIC in any case. When we understood that Owen was not anyplace close as insidious as he initially appeared, the rest was a tad bit less demanding to sort out.

Quantico Season 2 Episode 14

We were dependably somewhat hot-and-chilly about the two courses of events; it worked now and again in the main season, yet the stuff with the prisoner emergency was strong to the point that we would’ve favored that they concentrated on that.

Where we go from here – The show will be off the air now until we get around to Monday, March 20, and that is the point at which the last scenes of the season (and potentially the arrangement, in view of the most recent appraisals) will air. This will feel from various perspectives like a VERY unique show through and through.

We are no longer going to have the two courses of events, and will have to a greater degree a solitary story than we’ve ever had some time recently. This is a group that will be apparently cooperating to stop dangers — the story will have a less scattered feel than it ever did some time recently, and we could even observe a less complex narrative.

Basically, the show is turning out to be considerably a greater amount of what we needed it to be this season — something a tad bit not the same as season 1, and one where you depend on your stories, your cast, and a tiny bit of would like to convey the day. During a time where things are somewhat discouraging, ideally the heroics and Priyanka Chopra and organization will have the capacity to give everybody a tad bit more trust.