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Watch Reflects The Roman Sky In Bulgari’s New Divas-


New Enigmatic addition to its popular-complication ladies watch is a spectacular representation of the midnight sky in Rome.

In the past few years, Bulgari launches its first remarkable minute repeater with a lacquered Japanese Urushi dial and snow-set diamond bezel(grooved ring holding the cover of a watch face). It is the part of Devas’ Dream Collection for women watches made the best query for 2018.

Now its time for another addition to its range of high-complication timepieces for women, unveiled by Jeweler and watchmaker of Divas’ Dream Enigmatic and it is very similar to its predecessor. Unhappily, the pictures never judge for the object so that’s why you have to believe our word till You can go to a Bulgaria Boutique to see the watch in the metal.

Rome is always a source of inspiration behind the timepiece at Bulgari, it Compressed the spectacle for the wrist and watchmaker also recreated the stars in the Roman sky at midnight. Dial made like it represents the group of stars forming a recognizable pattern(constellations ) in the Roman sky placed at the midnight-a sight that can only be viewed in the northern region or you can say hemisphere. An amazing shape circular diamond on the central Aventurine circle which indicates the hour, it is also visible, special thanks to the sapphire hour markers on a diamond circle at the center of the watch and minute are indicated by the pear-cit-diamond on the outer Aventurine circle.

The 37 mm timepiece comes in an 18-karat white at $44,300 or rose gold at $42,200 case arranged with brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires with an 18-karat white or rose gold crown set with a sapphire. Both versions come on a dark blue alligator strap with an 18-karat white or rose gold folding hook.