Watch Sony Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Maha Episode 41 Written Updates Video

Mumbai: Tonight will be the 41st episode of Beyhadh TV show will airs on Sony TV at 09:00 PM. Beyhadh is an Indian romantic thriller television series, which as started from 11th October 2016 on Sony Entertainment Television and getting a positive response from the audience. The main leading star casts in this series are Maya (Jennifer), Arjun (Kushal) and Saanjh (Aneri).  In this series, Maya is a business tycoon in the fashion industry and is an insomniac sociopath due to her complex and unstable family.

Arjun is a photographer who works in Maya’s company named “Fashion & the city.” His best friend, Saanjh is a practicing lawyer. She secretly loves Arjun, the love driven by selflessness and purity. Their families get along well too. Saanjh handles a case regarding Maya’s company. Arjun successfully launches company’s “Junoon (Passion)” campaign photo shoot; his chosen model is Maya with the cover story “Beyhadh.” Maya slowly falls in love with Arjun, the love driven by obsession.


Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Maha Episode

In today’s episode Saanh waits for Arjun. She gets afraid seeing someone walking with a knife towards her. On hot air balloon, Maya shows diamond ring to Arjun and says I love you Arjun.

Below, watch promo video of Sony Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Maha Episode 41:

What will be Arjun’s reply to Maya, watch in the full episode tonight at 09:00 Pm.

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