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Watch ‘Suits’ Season 7 Release Date Characters Casts Story Plot Spoilers Details


The Season 6 Finale of “Suits” was an end of an era of sorts, for both Mike (Patrick J. Adams), and maybe Jessica (Gina Torres)?

After six years of living as a fraudulent lawyer, Mike can now finally move on as a legit lawyer after passing the bar and the very difficult bar panel deliberation in the “Character and Fitness” episode. Mike had to defend for his right to become a lawyer after Anita Gibbs (Leslie), the prosecutor who successfully brought Mike down the first time it was found out that he was a fake lawyer, was a member of the bar panel and was adamant to not allow Mike to pass the bar. We also saw Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Rachel (Meghan Markle), who worked (in their own capacities, of course) to get Mike pass the bar panel. But the knight in shining armor was Jessica (Gina Torres), who saw through what Anita wanted to hear in order to earn Mike the vote he needed to pass the bar.

Suits Season 7 Spoilers Details

“Suits” Season 7 spoilers reveal that there will be unexpected twists and changes that will happen to the show. Will this be just the story or will it include changes in the cast as well? There are also rumors that the show will have a spin-off.

‘Suits’ Season 7 Spoilers: Surprising Twists; Mike Becomes A 'Legit' Lawyer? Spin-Off Coming?

“Suits” creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh talked to Deadline about these changes. Korsh said Mike will definitely stick a little while longer, considering that a big part of the deal is for him to work on cases with the clinic. He said, “Harvey knows you can’t make this deal with Mike and then just expect it to go away. I think what’s going to happen is they didn’t necessarily foresee the consequences of what this deal will mean moving forward, and we definitely explore that with both. We haven’t seen the last of the clinic certainly.”

As for Jessica’s return to the show, Korsh added, “I would never count her out is what I would say. We don’t have specific plans but she’s obviously always a near and dear character of the show and if opportunities arise, we would of course love to bring her back. We’re too early to know yet.”